Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Peace Is Every Step

sometimes you read a book and its like the words are literally leaping out at you...

"Wearing a smile on your face is a sign that you are the master of yourself"

Monday, April 23, 2012

Summer Bucket List-ing

hopefully I won't be needing to complete a real bucket list, but I do have some things I'd like to get underway in the next couple months.  Plus, having some goals ahead of you is always a fun way to get things done that you've been reallymeaningtojustdidn'thavethetime. you know? :)

So here's some May/June/July Things before grad school kicks into gear and I really don't have the time ;)

-Pick several of my favorite photos, particularly from childhood, and get them printed (black & white) and framed.  And hung-up!

- Plant a veggie/herb garden!  Most notably, I want spinach/kale/toe-maters/cilantro/basil.  (Does anyone else feel the need to say basil with a long a... as in bah-zil? I do!)

-Make a crafty/sweet/homemade mothers AND fathers day gift. 

-Try bikram.  I love me some yoga.  Everyone's told me I simply must try bikram.  And I simply have not.  I'm gonna do it!!!

-Creative, cute  storage ideas.  Find 'em, implement 'em.

-Get a file draw.  And appropropriately store important files/information

-Scrapbook all the stuff that if not scrapbooked will officially-and suitably- be deemed "junk".

- Pick 10 closet essentials for a workin/teachin lady (since I'll be teaching an undergrad class for the next 2 years).  Actually spend the time to find these items and purchase them in a good color and fit. 

Anyone else got a 'summer bucket list'?  These aren't my most fun  bucket list items (aka skydive, try surfing, etc etc) BUT they are things that I have been putting off wayyy to long and need to get 'er done!  More of a to-do list than bucket I s'pose ;)


Monday, March 19, 2012


Sunday was one proactive day!  After a weekend of boyfrand time, he had to return back north.  The sun was shining all weekend and it was glorious to get some vitamin D. 

We cooked dinner (wraps, tomato soup, sweet tater wedges) and watched a movie Friday night, did an easy 3 1/2 mile loop around the bay on Saturday, went out for dinner & beers that night, and then slept in and brunched it Sunday morning at a lovely little vegan cafe downtown.

Then, after the boy left, I went on a prep for the week binge!  I cooked up lentils, chickpeas, blackbeans, homemade granola bars, and some of the fitnessista's amazeballs (which ARE amaze, duh!).  Then, a trip to the grocery store, yoga, and some vegging on the couch was in order :)

How was everyone elses weekend?  I must admit, didn't get too wild over here for St. Patty's, but I had fun observing the madness!

Friday, March 16, 2012


what a long week!

Its rained here all day - but I'm likin it, it makes me notfeelsobad for wanting a warm dinner, a movie, and to couch it with a glass of wine and the bf who is visiting :)

he's kind've a cutie ;) ... and I am in full joker-face here

I did one of pbfingers at home circuits this morn - kicked my bunz and I think tomorrow will be a perfect active rest day!  Its Saturday, and supposed to be in the 60s so a leisurely stroll and giving my GIANT (not) muscles a rest seems in order :)

I've been playing The Avett Brothers "I & Love & You" album allll dayy, if you haven't heard it, hop on over to youtube or just TAKE A LEAP and buy the whole album.  Tis so good.


Todays munchings have been a smoooothie (duh/boring), Kashi Go Lean with punkin & almond milk, a morningstar chick'n burg w/ ketchup & mustard plus grapefruit/carrots/blackbean mash, and some micellaneous snacks involving a Clif bar, apple, orange, and lotsotrailmix.  Nom nom nom, trail mix is one of lifes greatest pleasures.  If you are what you eat, I'm surprised I haven't sprouted into an oaty or turned into... well, a nut.  Which may have occured?

Sorry for the randomness, friday brain fry in full effect.  Enjoy the weekend, folks :)  Two more hours left over here before the weekend is offic!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bloggin From Work

Blogging while at work is probably not encouraged, but if its when I can squeeze it in, then hey what can a girl do?

This morning was rather like yesterday on repeat - up around 730, workout (total body circuit & abs), smoooothie, library.  I also tidied the apt because my landlord is showing it today (always calls for the little extra clean in the yucky spots - drains, bathroom sink, naht my favorite activities). 

Lunch was a tuna sandwich with ezekiel, mustard, & spinach, carrots, & grapefruit.  Been snacky-ing on pumpkin protein pudding, an apple, orange, and PRUNES. Love 'em, its gross, sorry im not sorry;)


I have been pondering something lately workout related - I've noticed when I introduce new weight routines for arms/chest/back/legs I see & feel a difference relatively quickly.  Keeping at it encourages even more toning & results.  A particularly tough workout makes these areas sore - good sore!  However... not so with abs!  Whether I introduce new workouts or not, I rarely see 'new' results and I can think of about 5 times in my whole life I've 'felt it' after a workout in my abdominalz.  Whats the dealio?  Any recommendations or got a GREAT ab shakeup routine for me? C'mon, I know someones got some insight out there for this occasionally fitness-challenged-livingroom-workout-loving lady :) 


(I think some cardio is in order for tmrw, the weather is fab and I love running outside!) 

Got vegan taco salad on the mind for dinner, inspired by this (& the fact that no matter when the last time I went shopping I somehow always have the goods for Mexican).  Slightly proud of this fact ;)  And cuddles with this little kitty (he's not a baby anymore but AGH I WISH)

Hope everyone has a lovely evening!  What are you craving for din - aka, what are you actually making OR what do you wish would magically appear onto your plate?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Here Then Gone


Sorry, bloggies.  I've been gone for too long.  Life really takes over sometimes, huh?  I have much to update on... but lets start slow today.

7:30am - rolled out bed and after dos cups of coffee & some NewsWeek reading, I did the Fitnessista's Schweaty March workout with some substitutions since it was performed in my own living room on not a gym - still schweaty! ;)  (Instead of Tabata's on a treadmill, I did quick bursts of plyometrics).  Then, 10 mins of abs and stretching.

Post workout I slurped a smoothie then showered, ran to the lib, then off to work!  Lunch was a mega hodgepodge of things kicking around in my fridge: homemade (by the madre, not myself) sourdough bread with almond butter, a plum, half an orange (ate the other half for a midnight snack..) carrot sticks, & corn. 

Snacky-ing at work has been a choc chip Clif Bar (warmed up in the microwave because this seriously creates some cookie-flava) and plain greek yog with stevia, vanilla, and strawbewwies. 

Now, I am counting down the hours til I get to go home.  I have a mysterious tummy ache (youch!) and all I really want is a hot shower, a tea, and to watch the After the Final Rose episode... luxury, I know.  (This yogi tea has been my go-to lately...so yum!)

Hope everyone has had a happy hump day :) Ill be back tomorrow, I swear!!!!


Friday, March 2, 2012

Push it realllll goooood

Yes, I was listening to Salt & Pepper while I worked out this morn.  And yes, that means it will be stuck in head all day.  Oopz.

Friday is here again, thank goodness.  I realized this morn that my friday nights used to look like this:

and now, look more like this:

(sorry I'm not sorry that I love kitty cat pics)

On my friday night agenda is a hot shower, dinner, and a date with the Real Housewives & my sweat pants.  Do you have any similar or else far more fabulous friday night plans?

Lunch time is quickly approaching, breakfast this morn post 45-min workout (fat burning pilates routine, abs, and some yoga) was a smooooothie and pumpkin oatmeal.  I've been going hard on the TJ's smoked salmon the past few days (me love some lox) and that is seeming like a possibility for today as well....  I'll get back to ya on that one ;)