Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Peace Is Every Step

sometimes you read a book and its like the words are literally leaping out at you...

"Wearing a smile on your face is a sign that you are the master of yourself"

Monday, April 23, 2012

Summer Bucket List-ing

hopefully I won't be needing to complete a real bucket list, but I do have some things I'd like to get underway in the next couple months.  Plus, having some goals ahead of you is always a fun way to get things done that you've been reallymeaningtojustdidn'thavethetime. you know? :)

So here's some May/June/July Things before grad school kicks into gear and I really don't have the time ;)

-Pick several of my favorite photos, particularly from childhood, and get them printed (black & white) and framed.  And hung-up!

- Plant a veggie/herb garden!  Most notably, I want spinach/kale/toe-maters/cilantro/basil.  (Does anyone else feel the need to say basil with a long a... as in bah-zil? I do!)

-Make a crafty/sweet/homemade mothers AND fathers day gift. 

-Try bikram.  I love me some yoga.  Everyone's told me I simply must try bikram.  And I simply have not.  I'm gonna do it!!!

-Creative, cute  storage ideas.  Find 'em, implement 'em.

-Get a file draw.  And appropropriately store important files/information

-Scrapbook all the stuff that if not scrapbooked will officially-and suitably- be deemed "junk".

- Pick 10 closet essentials for a workin/teachin lady (since I'll be teaching an undergrad class for the next 2 years).  Actually spend the time to find these items and purchase them in a good color and fit. 

Anyone else got a 'summer bucket list'?  These aren't my most fun  bucket list items (aka skydive, try surfing, etc etc) BUT they are things that I have been putting off wayyy to long and need to get 'er done!  More of a to-do list than bucket I s'pose ;)