Monday, March 19, 2012


Sunday was one proactive day!  After a weekend of boyfrand time, he had to return back north.  The sun was shining all weekend and it was glorious to get some vitamin D. 

We cooked dinner (wraps, tomato soup, sweet tater wedges) and watched a movie Friday night, did an easy 3 1/2 mile loop around the bay on Saturday, went out for dinner & beers that night, and then slept in and brunched it Sunday morning at a lovely little vegan cafe downtown.

Then, after the boy left, I went on a prep for the week binge!  I cooked up lentils, chickpeas, blackbeans, homemade granola bars, and some of the fitnessista's amazeballs (which ARE amaze, duh!).  Then, a trip to the grocery store, yoga, and some vegging on the couch was in order :)

How was everyone elses weekend?  I must admit, didn't get too wild over here for St. Patty's, but I had fun observing the madness!

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