Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Here Then Gone


Sorry, bloggies.  I've been gone for too long.  Life really takes over sometimes, huh?  I have much to update on... but lets start slow today.

7:30am - rolled out bed and after dos cups of coffee & some NewsWeek reading, I did the Fitnessista's Schweaty March workout with some substitutions since it was performed in my own living room on not a gym - still schweaty! ;)  (Instead of Tabata's on a treadmill, I did quick bursts of plyometrics).  Then, 10 mins of abs and stretching.

Post workout I slurped a smoothie then showered, ran to the lib, then off to work!  Lunch was a mega hodgepodge of things kicking around in my fridge: homemade (by the madre, not myself) sourdough bread with almond butter, a plum, half an orange (ate the other half for a midnight snack..) carrot sticks, & corn. 

Snacky-ing at work has been a choc chip Clif Bar (warmed up in the microwave because this seriously creates some cookie-flava) and plain greek yog with stevia, vanilla, and strawbewwies. 

Now, I am counting down the hours til I get to go home.  I have a mysterious tummy ache (youch!) and all I really want is a hot shower, a tea, and to watch the After the Final Rose episode... luxury, I know.  (This yogi tea has been my go-to yum!)

Hope everyone has had a happy hump day :) Ill be back tomorrow, I swear!!!!


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