Friday, March 16, 2012


what a long week!

Its rained here all day - but I'm likin it, it makes me notfeelsobad for wanting a warm dinner, a movie, and to couch it with a glass of wine and the bf who is visiting :)

he's kind've a cutie ;) ... and I am in full joker-face here

I did one of pbfingers at home circuits this morn - kicked my bunz and I think tomorrow will be a perfect active rest day!  Its Saturday, and supposed to be in the 60s so a leisurely stroll and giving my GIANT (not) muscles a rest seems in order :)

I've been playing The Avett Brothers "I & Love & You" album allll dayy, if you haven't heard it, hop on over to youtube or just TAKE A LEAP and buy the whole album.  Tis so good.

Todays munchings have been a smoooothie (duh/boring), Kashi Go Lean with punkin & almond milk, a morningstar chick'n burg w/ ketchup & mustard plus grapefruit/carrots/blackbean mash, and some micellaneous snacks involving a Clif bar, apple, orange, and lotsotrailmix.  Nom nom nom, trail mix is one of lifes greatest pleasures.  If you are what you eat, I'm surprised I haven't sprouted into an oaty or turned into... well, a nut.  Which may have occured?

Sorry for the randomness, friday brain fry in full effect.  Enjoy the weekend, folks :)  Two more hours left over here before the weekend is offic!

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