Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bloggin From Work

Blogging while at work is probably not encouraged, but if its when I can squeeze it in, then hey what can a girl do?

This morning was rather like yesterday on repeat - up around 730, workout (total body circuit & abs), smoooothie, library.  I also tidied the apt because my landlord is showing it today (always calls for the little extra clean in the yucky spots - drains, bathroom sink, naht my favorite activities). 

Lunch was a tuna sandwich with ezekiel, mustard, & spinach, carrots, & grapefruit.  Been snacky-ing on pumpkin protein pudding, an apple, orange, and PRUNES. Love 'em, its gross, sorry im not sorry;)


I have been pondering something lately workout related - I've noticed when I introduce new weight routines for arms/chest/back/legs I see & feel a difference relatively quickly.  Keeping at it encourages even more toning & results.  A particularly tough workout makes these areas sore - good sore!  However... not so with abs!  Whether I introduce new workouts or not, I rarely see 'new' results and I can think of about 5 times in my whole life I've 'felt it' after a workout in my abdominalz.  Whats the dealio?  Any recommendations or got a GREAT ab shakeup routine for me? C'mon, I know someones got some insight out there for this occasionally fitness-challenged-livingroom-workout-loving lady :) 


(I think some cardio is in order for tmrw, the weather is fab and I love running outside!) 

Got vegan taco salad on the mind for dinner, inspired by this (& the fact that no matter when the last time I went shopping I somehow always have the goods for Mexican).  Slightly proud of this fact ;)  And cuddles with this little kitty (he's not a baby anymore but AGH I WISH)

Hope everyone has a lovely evening!  What are you craving for din - aka, what are you actually making OR what do you wish would magically appear onto your plate?

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