Friday, February 10, 2012

oh happyyy dayyy!

Happy FRIDAY ladies & gents – so looking forward to the weekend!

Much to do today!  This morn I have a meeting at the Ronald McDonald House nearest to my home.  I used to volunteer here when I was younger with my dad and I always really enjoyed the organization.  I finally got my butt in gear and set up a time to meet with the woman who runs the one in my city and I’m looking forward to volunteering at a RMH once more!

Then, it’s off to work – YUCK – but it is Friday, after all.

Next on ze agenda will be a quick stop over to the grocery store, I am in desperate need of:

Kitty food for my poor starving kittay (come on, he's totally adorable)

ALMONDS/walnuts/cashews (fully outta nuts and this is unnacceptable for snacking purposes)

Carrots (for a dish I’m making tomorrow)

Everything else I am fully stocked on, & I realize this is the MOST boring list I have ever compiled, but sometimes ya just gotta do it to it with the grocery store trips (if it weren't for Mr. Kitty I would likely skip it, though...hehe)

Then!  Baking for my little brothers who I get to visit tomorrow (yay!)  It’s almost Valentines Day as ya’ll know and I’m making heart shaped red velvet whoopie pies for the hungry boys ;)  More on that later – I’ll post the recipe and the finished product.

What do ya’ll have on your agenda for Friday?  How about for the WEEKEND (whoop whoop!)?  I’m headed 2 hours north to go home & visit my fam-damily.  I don’t get to very often, so I’m absolutely looking forward to it J

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