Friday, February 10, 2012

A Million Dollar Discovery

I do not know how this slipped my mind...

I meant to post this million dollar discovery immediately upon it entering my mouth...


While watching the superbowl, Moms whipped up piles of luscious treats.  Among them, homemade hummus (obviously yumz).  Except it had a bright orange hue... "What is this mumz?" I asked as I bit in.  It was instantly clear....



Yes, my mother brought these two glorious flavors together.  And yes, it WAS glorious.
Now, I am taking the lazy-mans route here but I HIGHLY suggest you stir 1/2 tsp per 2TBS  (more if you like strong curry flavors but at least start with the 1/2 tsp!) into your (premade) hummus.  And if you're interested in the actualy homemade version recipe, I'll hook ya up.  Truly though ladies & gents.  Check this out bloggies, hummus & curry lovers unite!!

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