Friday, February 17, 2012

Hey Punkins!

Hey all ya'll little bloggies!

Ah, another TGIF moment - what a long week!

This morning, I was up & at em. I did the following workout:

Tricep extensions – 10 reps

Plank to upper back arch – 20

Side plank – 20

Roll from toes to heels – 20

plie squats – 12 reps

Do circuit twice.
10 jumping jacks; 10 push-ups

Upper-body circuit: Using 5-pound weights, perform 10 one-arm rows; 10 lateral side raises; 10 front raises; 10 biceps curls to an overhead press

5 push-ups; 5 burpees

30 seconds of alternating jump lunges

Run up and down a flight of stairs; repeat twice.

.... Followed by 10 mins of abs & a few minutes of stretching. I don't know if its just me but I have the hardest time focusing enough to stretch at the end of a workout... oops!

Breakfast was a smooothie with kale, tomato, naner, berries, ice, chia seed, protein powda, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. I also had some canned punkin with oats (like pie in the morning ;))

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While I was getting ready, I also whipped up some of Ms. chocolate covered katie's pajama banana bread. I followed it exactly, except I used PUNKIN instead of naner. On a slightly post-fall pumpkin kick over here. I didn't fully get my fix in autumn, apparently. Plus its way cheap at the local Wal-Mart! (always interesting finds there...I found BIG boxes of Uncle Sam's for 2.88... the small boxes are 4.29 at my local grocery store - wtf?)


Lunch today was a TJs whole wheat wrap with tofurkey & black beans (hot sauce, mustard, black pepper, and lettuce too of course) along with a grapefruit and carrots.

After which I have snacked upon an apple, an orange, a CLIF Mojo bar, and some prunes. Yes, I like prunes. Yes, this is quite gross of me (but don't knock 'em if you haven't tried 'em!).

Me madre is swinging by tonight, she had a conference in the area so we'll be munching on some THAI FOOD. One of my personal faves. Then probably just a relaxing movie night with the boyfrand. We're going to the aquarium tomorrow :) The penguins, sea turtles, and SHARKS are my fave :)

Any fun weekend plans out there?  Anyone else like any 'gross' foods, a la prunes?

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