Monday, February 27, 2012

Back on the Grind

Oh, Monday.  You are not my favorite BUT theres no point in being a negative nancy so I'll embrace you anyways and share what makes it a-ok that today is Monday ;)

-Had a nice, long weekend at home complete with family meals, relaxing, laundry, wine with mama, meetings with the grad school, baking, and seeing some dear friends.

-Got some new springy tops from the gap from my always thoughtful boy :)

-Got several errand/chores done pre-week, phew!

-Get to work another shift at the Ronald McDonald House this week


-Made a delicious dinner on the fly.  I'll share it though its more along the lines of slop-delicious and not gourmet delicious ;)

   - 1/2 cup brown rice (i usually go to quinoa, but brown rice was essential here, soft and yummyyy)
   - 1/4 green pepper, sliced thin
   - 1/4 red pepper, sliced thin
   - 1/2 cup corn
   - two carrots, chopped
   - reduced sodium soy sauce
   -2 TBS garlic hummus
   - pinch red pepper flakes or chili powder
Saute peppers & carrots with minced garlic, red pepper/chili powder, and a little olive oil.  Then, simply add to your cooked brown rice and top with cooked corn, a splash of soy sauce, salmon, and hummus.  Feel free to experiment here (I plan to!)  This would be great with lots of other veggies (mushrooms, spinach, kale) and you could add black beans or another protein as well - though this bowl is protein-packed! ps. I was nervous about the hummus & added it at the last second... then added more.  It made the whole thing creamy and garlic-y.  Perfect!

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