Wednesday, February 29, 2012

100 Book Challenge

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Let me clarify :  I am a bit of a nerd.  I have always loved my solitary time reading and writing.  I enjoy the news.  I like to learn.  Aka - nerd status.

I used to read for pleasure all the time.  I even had to read to fall asleep when I was younger.  But once college started, I read maybe a handful of books through the school years.  I'd pick up again during the summers (there is NOTHING like a good summer read) but I had so many text books and assignments that reading for pleasure didn't really sound pleasurable at all.  Of course, there were other distractions in college besides just textbooks and assignments, I'm not that nerdly ;)

Anyways, post-grad I realized how deeply I missed reading.  I missed poring over book lists, trips to the library, persusing Amazon and Borders.  I am a big reading-advocate.  I think not enough younger people appreciate the true joy of a good read and I think there is nothing more attractive than being well-read.  Smart is sexy, people!  Anyways, thus began my 100 book challenge.  I haven't put a time frame on it, I just want to read 100 new-to-me books.  Read more, learn more, change the globe as Mr. Nas would say. ;)

If anyone would like to get in on this with me (challenge yourself people!!!) or make me some reading suggestions, I would LOVE it.  A little blog-world book club sounds fantastical to me.  Thus, I will share my current and past readings here from time to time.  Cheers fellow bookworms :)

Currently reading: Chasing Harry Winston; Lauren Weisberger

                        Past Reads in my 100 book foray:

Eat, Pray, Love   /  Gilbert, Elizabeth
Then came you : a novel /          Weiner, Jennifer.
The guy not taken : stories / Weiner, Jennifer
Chasing Harry Winston / Weisberger, Lauren
Prodigal summer : a novel / Kingsolver, Barbara
The year of magical thinking / Didion, Joan
The history of love / Krauss, Nicole
Under the tuscan sun : at home in Italy Mayes, Frances
Into thin air : a personal account of the Mount Everest disaster Krakauer, Jon
Baby proof / Giffin, Emily
Chelsea Chelsea bang bang / Handler, Chelsea
Stern men / Gilbert, Elizabeth
Love the one you're with / Giffin, Emily
The kitchen boy / Alexander, Robert
Dreaming in Hindi : coming awake in another language / Rich, Katherine Russell
Freedom / Franzen, Jonathan
Are you there vodka? It's me Chelsea / Handler, Chelsea
The longest trip home : a memoir / Grogan, John
Committed : a skeptic makes peace with marriage / Gilbert, Elizabeth
Marley & me : life and love with the world's worst dog / Grogan, John
The power of now : a guide to spiritual enlightenment / Tolle, Eckhart
The Hunger Games / Collins, Suzanne
No cover image availableSkinny bitch : a no-nonsense, tough-love guide for savvy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous! / Freedman, Rory
No cover image availableHave a little faith : a true story / Albom, Mitch
The happiness project or, why I spent a year trying to sing in the morning, clean my closets, fight right, read Aristotle, and generally have more fun / Rubin, Gretchen Craft
No cover image availableThe whistling season / Doig, Ivan.

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