Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thirsty Thursday

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Thirsty for tea that is!! On my second cup of boiling hot green as we speak.

Its been sooo cold here - it was minus one degree last night!  Speaking of, last night I had a delicious veggie filled dinner:

veggie burger with avocado, mustard, organic ketchup, pickle, and spinach with a high fiber wheat wrap

stir fried broccoli, shroom, and carrot (i stirfried them with lime juice, garlic, red pepper flakes, and ginger)

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corn!  (My fave :))

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After, I did some writing, reading, general house cleaning, and then was oh so ready to snuggle in for the night.  Pjs on, ready to make a snack, I popped in my Mad Men DVD that I had rented earlier in the day.  I am internet-less and cable-less in an effort to save some serious moola, so the local movie rental store has become my best friend.  The DVD whirred and spun and made some generally very odd sounds and all in all, refused to play.

I made the executive and very unwilling decision to drag myself out of my cozy warm apt at 9:00pm and make the drive all for the sake of Mad Men.  I exchanged the DVD amid employee apologies and retured, frozen but none the worse for wear.  Except this one wouldn't play either - both were scratched identically.  Curse you whoever you are, renting and ruining Mad Men DVD at will! 

I resigned myself to a cup of chamomile tea, grapes, and graham crackers (and a square of dark chocolate).  ...and maybe an episode of the new Bachelor.... oops!


I am hoping for better luck tonight, I need to know what happens next I can stand the anticipation no longer!!!  I made oats in a jar at the crack of dawn this morn and I think I'll mow those tonight along with a big hummus topped salad.  Maybe not the most complimentary tastes, but I need a little veg break after my binge last night and veggie soup lunch today, as well.

Hope you all have a lovely Thursday - tomorrow is Friday, woo woo!
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