Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tell Me More!

Hey bloggies!  I’m on a bit of a “new year” kick – I made my resolutions, now I wanted to share some things that I have discovered in the last year that I love – and will be bringing in to the new year with me.  Just the little things – and the things that make me excited for this upcoming year and the new encounters and experiences I’ll acquire.  What hobbies, activities, or general little indulgences have you discovered you LOVE  and now can’t live without in the last year?  (And no, this is not an overly serious list – I have discovered I can’t live without quite a few little indulgences that are actually rather silly, but hey, they bring a smile to this lady’s face!)

-Vanilla almond milk.  I have completely nixed the real-cow-dairy-variety of milk (not that I’ll avoid it at all costs within other products, I just mean for drinking purposes).  I bake with it, drink it, pour it on my cereal, and generally love it right to death.  It is delightfully sweet, healthy, and one of the better “non-dairy” food substitutes I’ve ever encountered.  I by far prefer it to soy and rice milk.

- Annie’s Bunny Grahams.  I don’t know why I’ve been on such a bunny graham kick.  I feel as though I’m five years old – maybe that’s why I like them so much?  But Annie’s ingredients are all natural, full of whole grains, and, well, deeelicious, so I don’t feel so bad.  Annie’s has lots of other great organic products – check ‘em out!

-Books, books, books.  I already knew I couldn’t live without reading, so this one doesn’t quite count as a new discovery.  However, since no longer being an undergrad means nixing textbooks, I have had much more time to pleasure read.  Long library trips, stacks of books, and following book lists have all brought a little missing piece of joy  into my book-worm little life.  Currently, I am on a non-fiction ‘life experience” genre kick. 

-Healthy baking substitutions.  I am obsessed with discovering new one’s of these.   I find a little thrill in using greek yogurt instead of oil, a flax egg instead of a chicken egg… there’s something fun and challenging about it to me.  (Do you have any great little baking subs for me?  Let’s hear em!)

-Thick, fluffy socks.  I am on a constant quest to keep my toesies warm and to find the thickest, most lurid socks to do the job.

-Finally, here is my most shameful new obsessions of all:  The one’s of the celebrity/Hollywood variety.  I will go in order from least shameful to most.  (Disclaimer: I do not own a television, and do not (obviously) have cable…therefore I am generally out of the loop with such things.  However, when I do discover a show/celeb that piques my interest for whatever inane reason, I typically get reaaalll into it.)  Number 1:  Mad men. Least shameful.  This show is excellent, and I am becoming more addicted by the day.  I’ve just started season 2.  This one should keep me occupied through the winter.  Number 2: True Blood.  Slightly more shameful, but just so damn catchy one you start watching it.  However, I just finished season 4 so the true blood well has run dry until the next season premiers.  I hate to jump on the vampire train, but hey, this one has werewolves, panthers, witches, fairies, the whole 9 yards.  And, in true HBO fashion, lots of scandal.  Whats not to love?  And finally, drumroll, most shameful of all.  I…have… become… obsessed… with… (I’m blushing) the Kardashian’s.  I know!  I know!  And really, it is most unlike me.  I am generally on the bandwagon with being all disdainful of reality tv stars and those raking in millions for doing… what again?  But I LOVE these girls.  They are ridiculous in a relatable way, funny, and most of all – gorgeous with REAL bodies.  They eat REAL food.  They go out, but not all that often and not in a “get absurdly wasted and mingle with every musician on the Top 40” way.  They get into little phases (healthy eating, couponing, exercise routines, etc).  I find the sisterly bond they share quite charming.  And, I know I’m inviting myself to argument here, from what I see in filtered reality tv and gossip magazines, these girls actually do work.  And quite a lot.  They might not be doing manual labor, but they for damn sure aren’t taking the Lindsay Lohan route either.  I particularly like Kourtney and Khloe –they always elicit a little giggle from me and Kourtney’s fashion style is rather to die for.  Kim is probably my least favorite to watch, however, I have a girl-crush on her.  Her face is beyond gorg and her body ahhhh, her body!  She’s not a stick!  The girl has curve, real curve, not “Hollywood curve” (which to me translates to “that girl is curvy because she has not yet reached the minimum 100 lbs and still resembles being womanly).  No, this girl has a real body and is (nonetheless) enviably drop dead.  There you have it.  My newest obsessions and the little things that make up day to day life for me.  What are your new discoveries?  Your little indulgences? 

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