Monday, January 9, 2012

Sweets & Treats

Good morning Monday!  We had a lovely time on our weekend getaway – a vacation type that I think is highly underrated.  A five-day excursion is nothing I would pass up, but weekend getaways can be inexpensive, fairly local (drive an hour or two or three) and just as relaxing and as much of a refreshing change of scenery.  Sprinkling a few throughout the year may just be more economical, less stressful (no travel visas, huge suitcases, or airline tickets), and provide more frequent mental breaks.  …That said, if anyone would like to buy me an all-inclusive Caribbean cruise, I can immediately retract that statement.

Since we did a whole lot of nothing, really (reading, sleeping, bathing, leisurely walking), I’ll touch instead upon the food.  We visited Flatbread Pizza Co., a large, open restaurant centered a huge brick oven where they grill pizzas topped only with local organic fare.  There are about a half dozen of these in various locations, and each has slightly different food since they utilize the local farms.  I was happy to see a place with such green initiative also was clearly wildly popular.  My boyfriend had a white pizza with goat cheese and veggies and sampled a local pale ale.  After a car-ride, I always need a fruit or veggie boost so I chose an organic salad with wood-grilled free range chicken, seaweed and sesame seeds (and stole a slice of pizza – of course).

The other foodie highlight was a natural-foods store with a deli counter called the Local Grocer, about 20 minutes from our b&b.  Again, the deli was serving up organic, local foods and my boyfriend had what he proclaimed to be one of his best sandwiches ever.  It was some mix of homemade sauerkraut, and secretive special spread, fresh organic turkey, and swiss cheese.  I don’t even know what the entire combo was, but I had a bite and it was truly phenomenal.  It was early and I had not yet worked up an appetite, so I chose a fresh blended berry smoothie with chia seeds.  Yum yum! 

Oh, and the homemade chocolate truffles at the b&b?  A chocolatey divine intervention.  They were quite delish.  I had to ponder how one home-makes truffles though – anyone with experience?  I have tried and they were more like little fudgy bites and certainly not of the melt-in-your-mouth-unbelievably-smooth variety that these were.  Recipes? Tips? Trick?

That’s my foodie update – I’ll be back with more on the upcoming-week-of-dread that must karmically follow a lazy weekend.  First, my pilates and yoga are calling my name.  Cheers!

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