Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Funday

Happy Sunday, ya’ll.

Had a fun-filled but busy little Saturday yesterday – errands, essays, applications, etc.

For dinner, we tried a vegetarian bistro in downtown called ‘The Green Elephant’.  It offers an only-vegetarian menu with lots of vegan and gluten-free choices and options as well.  The food was delicious- I had garlic & ginger tofu and my boyfriend had something unpronounceable (haha) with lots of veggies and a ‘ham’ flavored thicker-cut tofu.   We shared a vegan orange chocolate truffle mousse pie… I think you can fill in the blank on how yummy that one was.  It was filling, but still refreshing, light, and wholesome. 

The more I stay away from dairy the easier I find it (and the more I like it and feel better!)   It’s so hard to know specifics of the meat/dairy industry and then to really enjoy it.  Especially when, with dairy, it’s not just such horrid inhumane treatment, but extends so far into health effects, too.  Eek.  It’s funny, after being so unhealthy and out of touch with my body’s needs, now I just want it to be filled with the healthiest things possible: I don’t care about being thin, I just want to be strong and healthy.
Monster Smoothie - fruits & veggies for the day in one serving?

Thought for the day (since it is Sunday) : slow it down
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Give yourself a little break in the day-to-day bustle.  This can be incredibly hard to do, but the moments flood by and life rushes on.  Slow it down a bit, take a few more breaths to enjoy the little things.  You have to ‘gymhurrytoworkmeetinglunchdatebacktoworkerrandshurryhomecookdinner’?  You are blessed to have each of these opportunities – notice them, embrace them, enjoy them.  And don’t feel pressured to bring the filled schedules from the week into the weekend, as well.  Its ok to relax a little, to sit on the couch for a half hour (or three…) and just read or watch your favorite junk tv.  Slow it down a bit people, it’s not going to last forever.

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