Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Funday

Mornin, Bloggies!  8 am, 2 coffees deep, and about to start some yoga.  Not a bad start to the end of the weekend.

We are checking out of our b&b at 11 this morning and then starting our ride back home.  I'll update you on the food and fare more tomorrow when I have the time.  We discovered some great local places and all in all had a relaxing, restful weekend.

Sunday night is our pizza night (I try to stay away from dairy but I will admit to this being my one sinful(less) lapse.  I also have a few errands and some cleaning and unpacking to do before getting back on the monday through friday grind.

I actually have a week FULL of work and errands looming ahead of me now that I think about it... and a lot of baking and cooking I want to get done.  Well, cheers to the end of the weekend, I'm going to finish my java and forget about the errands until the morrow ;)

By the way, yesterday morning, the b&b did not have coffee out when I awoke at 7am and a headache and lackofcoffeeinducedpanic set in.  Any questions about full blown addiction have been answered, I've been guzzling the stuff since (before) freshman year of highschool.  Oops!  Anyone else in my boat?  If so, whats your coffee(poison) brand of choice? 

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