Thursday, January 5, 2012

Resolution Time!

It’s the New Year and I went heavy on the resolutions this year. It could be seen as a negative to have so many additions or fixes, but I see it as a positive. Bring on the change and the goals! That’s what keep us alive and striving, right? How do you grow if you don’t embrace some change? I decided to share my resolutions below – and I tried to keep them as non-cliché as possible. What are your real resolutions? I want to hear the good ones – not just the “lose ten lbs”, “go to the gym”, “wake up earlier” ones you make every year (not that these are perfectly respectable aspirations J). Just try to think a little deeper – and lets hear ‘em! Cheers to a new year.

1.      Give more love – to my boyfriend, cat, the cashier at the grocery, myself

2.      Be more grateful, especially for the things which often go unnoticed

3.      Take nothing for granted

4.      Remeber, money is paper

5.      Within you and without you

6.      Do not over-think, obsess, or in other ways be totally neurotic.  Breathe

7.      Break your plans

8.      To thine ownself be true

9.      Read more write more

10.  Indulge in a few things

11.  Discover the new

12.  Take compliments, praise, and other little acts of good from others and be truly sincerely thankful.  These are the smallest and largest gifts

13.  Give up some control.  Let others do things for you

14.  Say sorry
....and I just couldn't stop.....
15. Track your spending and then find a way to save $100 each month (that’s just $25 a week, less than $5 a day!)
16. Give more (especially compliments and smiles)
17. Love yourself the most and treat yourself accordingly
18. Dabble more with yoga

19. Try the things that make you ‘uncomfortable’
20. Try new things! Explore! Seek warm weather…
21. Healthy is not ‘skinny’ or ‘deprived’ or ‘strict’ : eat up, drink up, ENJOY.  God gave you this body & the precious gift of life to use it and worship it and use it well

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