Thursday, January 12, 2012

Rain, snow, AND sleet!

Mother nature decided to deliver with all three today!

Went to bed earlier than usual and woke up about a half hour later than usual today – the extra sleep prepared me for my lazy day ;)  After my normal coffee/workout/refueling breakfast routine (today, I added a few frozen cranberries to my normal smoothie – I only used a few because I was a little intrepid to go over board as I’ve never used them but no noticeable taste difference and definitely a little vit C boost!  Tomorrow I’ll experiment with more) I checked the cancellations and sure enough – work was closed!  There was only about an inch at that point, but since then the snow has not stopped – we have 4 or 5 inches now and its starting to sleet – stay inside people, its gonna get messy out there!

Always one for being prepared, I made sure to do my errands early.  Hmm what would I need for being snowed in home alone…?  An extra Mad Men DVD, baking ingredients, and magazines?  Check!  I made my Blockbuster & grocery store run, I returned to my nice warm apartment, where I’ve been holed up ever since.  Boo hoo for me, all snowed in ;)
                                                              mad men.

I tackled some of the bigger cleaning jobs that usually get left undone til they are unbearable; leather polishing, window washing, mopping, laundry, shower scrubbing… fun stuff, really.  I had a delicious lunch, although I may turn into a chickpea.  Spinach salad with hummus, toasted pita with hummus, (hummushummushummus) grapefruit, and more of my organic tomato soup from yesterday.  Actually, the whole meal was quite like yesterdays, except I toasted up some pita, too because I was more hungry than yesterday. 

Now… its midafternoon and I’m definitely NOT going anywhere tonight.  I have such a hard time fully embracing being lazy though, to be honest.  As much as I want to, I feel an odd guilt if I literally couch it all day.  I’m not sure when this came on (in early college, I literally slept more than I was awake, I think) but it sometimes leads into anxiety, which is frustrating.  I’m not sure to whom I feel guilty – if I don’t need to do anything, its not like anyone is judging me for flicking tv channels or scanning magazine pages.  Hmmm… any thoughts on this?  Many of my (female in particular) friends echo my ‘guilt of doing nothing’ sentiments.  Can you relate?  Any ways to counter it?  I mean seriously, my cat looks SO content snoozing over there on the rocking chair and I don’t think he’s even thought about moving in at least two hours…
just look at my sleeping beauty :)

I do have some tacky magazines l haven’t cracked yet, a book I’m about ¼ of the way through (Dreaming in Hindi), toes that must be  painted, and a few recipes I want to try before the day’s end.  I’m going to bake up some granola bars and cookies (just haven’t decided which kind yet…)  I’ll keep you posted with the baking later!

Cheers to be snowed in and embracing a little (well-deserved!) laziness.

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