Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Current Obsessions (of various forms)

-Aveda 'comfort' tea : this stuff is seriously delicious and (as promised) incredibly comforting.  To be honest, I am obsessed with all tea -particularly during the winter months- and drink on average 3 cups day

-Pinterest : I am rarely obsessed with websites, but this is way too addicting.  I therefore try to limit usage...

-LL Bean slippers : I got some for Christmas and they have been attached to my feet, gradually getting more comfortable with each and every day


-Peanut Butter : Obviously.  But more so than usual...  (Only organic though. I can't even eat the other stuff anymore - it truly doesn't even taste like pb)

-Hummus mixed with nutritional yeast : Again. Obviously


-Browsing cookie recipes : All I want to do is bake.  I need more people to help me eat them though, my batches go to waste!!!!

                                 Cookies!!                                Cookies

-My local library : Oops, I'm a nerd.  But I've been frequenting this place quite often and its so soothing to enter a quiet place filled entirely with potential new great reads.  I've been on a reading binge, too - big non-fiction kick.  Currently still on Kathy Rich's 'Dreaming in Hindi'.

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