Monday, January 16, 2012

Mind Over Matter

Its a hot tea kind of day - I'm freeezing!!!

So, I found this document floating in my computer hard drive analogs last night – I can’t even recall having written it!  Ha, the mind works in mysterious ways.  I had clearly intended it as a blog post, so now I am giving it its rightful place.  I was re-inspired to complete a lot of the goals I had written down.  It made me think about how I had created these goals, wholeheartedly intending to carry them out and then, had completely forgotten I had ever written them down.  In this spirit, I’ve decided that I’m going to read or at least skim this little list each day.  I hope it will serve as a reminder and a driver to my own self.  If I lived alone, I would love to write this list down, maybe all on one sheet, maybe each thought on an individual post-it, and stick it around my house.  Sometimes all we need is a little constant reminder.

I will LOVE my body

I will admit problems and accept them, love them, and fix them when/where I can

I will treat myself well and not deprive, punish, or obsess.

I will enjoy things slowly.

I will think, actively, and not allow my habits or impulses to control me

I will listen to music.  Lots.

I will bake, read, write, sing, dance, laugh, kiss my kitty on the forehead, tease my boyfriend

I will be much, much more mindful. 

I will count to ten when something bothers me, irritates me, or otherwise pervades my peace

I will give myself credit where its due.  And sometimes where its not due because we all deserve credit

I will remind myself of the things that I love about those I love and the things that I love about (gulp) me.

I will make time for me.  And do thing I like during these times – not just do the grocery shopping.

I will not not not not not concern myself so much with money.  It’s green paper and somehow it will still be there or not be there no matter how much I stress over it.

I will allow myself to be myself.  (Yes, I know the Kardashians are ridiculous.  And yes, I totally love everything about them). 

I will make lofty goals and start projects, and if I like them I’ll stick to them and if I don’t, I won’t.  (cough, this blog coughcough).

I will learn.  I love to learn.

I will make reading lists and read. Those. Books.

I will, I repeat, love my body.  To ensure this, since I do not believe the solidity of simply writing it, I will remind myself each day of one thing I love about it. 

I will ignore my own perceived flaws.  Hello, no one else cares.  And since I will allow myself to do such a favor for me, I will ignore the flaws I perceive in others.

I will love people for who and what they are and wish nothing more and nothing less of them.  My boyfriend, my mom, (especially) my cat, may not be perfect, but they are the centers of my world. 

I will write. Much, much more. 

Maybe you can tackle this project for me/with me?  Write down (a minimum of) 5 goals or thoughts/ideas which you want to guide you.  Keep them in an open document on your computer or actually write them down and tack them to your bathroom mirror, you fridge, your bedroom window.  Get creative, be inspired, be the better you.

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