Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Busy Morning, Fuel up!

I had lots of errands this morning and bills to pay, so after my workout I blended my favorite go-to smoothie:
a handful of kale
1/4 of a tomato
1/2 banana
1 TBS flax meal
1/4-1/2 cup berries
splash of almond milk & splash of oj
1 scoop protein powder

Blend it all up and I get my fruit, veg, protein, and omega-3's all first thing in the am!  And (I swear!) its delicious.  I also had a half a Gnu Fiber Bar (only half because it has a lot of fiber).  By the way, if you haven't tried the smoothie/protein shake thing yet, you really should.  I've been doing this for breakfast for years because I have really never been a breakfast person and there is no way I would be eating veggies for breakfast.  Blending it all up is such an easier way to make sure I get a balanced breakfast and I really enjoy adding ingredients and trying new things with them (chia seeds, peanut butter, in-season fruit & vegs, etc)

Then, after my errands I was ready for lunch so I had a biiig salad (nothing brings me more joy I don't think than a huge plate of greenery), topped with organic hummus and cracked pepper.  I had a half a fresh grapefruit and some Imagine brand tomato soup.  I adore tomato soup in the winter, I can add it in to just about any meal.  And by the way, the REAL stuff (without 10+ grams of added sugar and HFCS and other random odd ingredients) tastes so much better than Campbell's.  So if you think you don't like watery tomato soup - buy organic, I bet it'll change your mind  or at least show you a whole different (mature!) side to  this childhood classic.

I'll be working late tonight, so I'll have to eat dinner out of tupperware but I cooked up some all-natural chicken with paprika, lime juice, chili powder, and chopped mushrooms, avocado, and tomato. I made a side of corn and black bean salad.  Almost like my dinner last night, only subbing out the tortilla and subbing in some chicken.  No picture, sadly it has not been eaten yet.

Hope everyone has a lovely rest of their hump day - whats on your dinner table tonight?

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