Monday, January 16, 2012

Bloggy Update

As a new blogger (not even a month under my belt!)  I want to give a quick report:

-I have managed to update almost every day!  It feels good, keeps the writing flowing, and has kept me in a routine.

-I still haven’t fully figured blogger out and still (clearly) have no readers (except myselfJ)

-I’ve discovered some blogs I simply must check every day – and I love that about blogging.  Honorable shoutouts are Angela’s ‘Oh She Glows’, Averie’s ’LoveVeggiesYoga’, and Gabriela’s ‘Une Vie Saine’.  All of these ladies are admirable & inspiring – my latest discovery is the last one listed and I must say, there is something about this blog that I just adore.  Cheers J

-The biggest tweaks I want to make are:

More of (or just a better) theme

Get on at least one more blogroll

Pictures pictures pictures!! Photograph where I go, what I eat, etc.  Even though using web-images adds more pizzazz than does a blog with no pictures there is still something about having personal photography that makes a blog seem so much more real and relatable, I find.  It offers a connection that can often be lost via the interwebs. 

That’s that for now J I hope someday I can receive the occasional comment and reader feedback.  I started this project for myself and that is still mainly the reason I am doing it.  It feels fantastic and I am fully enjoying the experience.  Readership is simply one more goal to reach!

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